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« on: March 16, 2011, 05:36:50 pm »
Ok Here is what you will receive for donating towards the server. You will receive donator rank, Access to donator island, Donator shop when you donate for any items listed below.

Pvp Armour
Full vesta: 23$
Full Statius: 25$
Full Zuriels: 20$

Pk Items:
Fire Cape: 6$
Pink Whip: 3$
Lime whip: 30$
Torso: 3$


::Bank 10$
::Item 50$ Note you will note be abel to trade, drop, or sell
::Pnpc 20$

All Donations go to Not only do you get wonderfull items you help out the server as we can pay for are vps, Webhosting, And sponsor.

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